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ABC Story - опять немного об обучении в США
Сыну 13 лет задали задание по английскому языку - написать рассказ так чтоб каждое новое предложение начиналось со следующей буквы алфавита - ABC story. Сын оживился и выдал следующий пересказ хорошо известной сказки "Три Поросенка".

The Three Little Pigs

A long time ago, there lived three little pigs.
Before their mother forced them to move out, they lived in the same house.
Cleverly, they all built their own houses to live in.
Displaying different levels of intellect, the first built his house out of straw, the second out of sticks, and the third out of bricks.
Eventually, the big bad wolf found out about them.
Furiously, he set out to find them.
Gingerly, arriving at the first pig’s house, the wolf started to speak:
“Hey there, pig, open the door!”
“I’m not going to!” was the reply.
“Just you wait!” cried the wolf, and tried to pry the door open, failing.
Kakorrhaphiophobia overwhelmed the wolf, so he huffed and puffed and blew the house down.
Little Pig Number One ran off to Little Pig Number Two, the one with the stick house, and hid inside.
Materializing near the door seconds later, the wolf asked for permission to enter.
“No way!” the pigs replied, and hurried to reinforce the door.
“Open up now!” exclaimed the wolf.
Pumping in as much air into his lungs as possible, the wolf prepared to exhale it, and when he did, the house was blown apart.
Quickly, the pigs ran off to Little Pig Number Three, and hid inside his brick house.
“Relax,” said the third pig to his brothers, who were hiding in a corner.
“See how well these bricks are held together.
They will withstand anything the wolf sends at us.”
Unfortunately, the wolf arrived quickly enough to hear the monologue, and was enraged.
“Very well,” the wolf said to himself, already coming up with a plan.
With sheep wool covering him, the wolf came to the doorstep, and asked to come in.
Xylophone music was playing in the house, with the pigs chanting “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, big bad wolf…” when the wool-covered wolf came in to ask for shelter, but was denied by the third pig, who saw through his disguise.
Years later, the wolf preys on sheep instead of pigs, because they lack the resources to build brick houses, which the pigs used up.

Zero pigs were harmed in the production of this story (disclaimer).

Как оказалось это довольно распространенная практика в США.  Практически все так или иначе в школе писали подобного рода рассказик в алфавитном порядке.  Мне как-то сразу вспомнился анектод на схожую тему когда был задан рассказ в духовной семинарии написать так чтоб все слова начинались на букву "о".

Отец Онуфрий обходя озеро Ольга обнаружил обнаженную... :)


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